7 Foods that are BAE

If you’ve had a rough day, it is great to come home to bae and just let it all go. But what can you do if you don’t have a bae?

Well, there’s a solution: food can be your bae! After another terrible day at school or work, you can let all of your problems disappear for the moment while you dive into some bae food.

What foods are bae and what makes a food bae? Well, you’re about to find out.

1 – Pizza

If pizza isn’t food bae number one, then what is? Pizza is always there for you, and it’s so easy to grab a slice and chow down when you’re on the run or when you’d rather not run.

The great thing about pizza is that there’s a slice for everyone; there are pizzas that are draped in meat, pizzas that are topped with delicious veggies, pizzas with cheese on cheese on cheese, and pizzas with crazy stuff in the crust. Pizza wants to be your food bae so bad it’ll go all out to become whatever you want it to be; if that’s not bae material, then nothing is.

Hungry? Grab a slice.

Drunk and hungry? Grab a slice.

Still drunk/hungover? Grab a slice and a Gatorade.

2 – Burritos 

Burritos are a magical wonder: meat, beans, rice, cheese, avocado (or guac), cilantro, and salsa (and potentially more), all wrapped in a beautiful tortilla. Burritos are high on the food bae rankings because of its deliciousness, convenience, and ability to fill your gut.

Burritos (or baerittos) are a great food to grab when you’re on the go or haven’t washed any silverware in a week; if you’re starving or just want something that’ll keep you full for hours to come, a burrito is your best choice. They’re also very accessible, as taco trucks and Mexican restaurants are scattered around everywhere; burritos are always there for you, as any bae should.

Whether you stick with the OG and get carne asada, or get a Cali burrito (regular burrito but with french fries inside), you’ve always made the right call when you’ve got that meat pocket in your hands.

3 – Sushi

Sushi might not be everyone’s bae, but it should be; if you’ve been to afraid to try sushi before, I highly recommend it. The cool thing about sushi is that there’s multiple types, so if you don’t like one style, there are a few more for you to choose from.

The sushi roll is a favorite of most, and is actually called Makizushi; another favorite is Nigirizushi, when sliced raw seafood (salmon, hamachi, tuna, etc.) is placed on top rice formed into a rectangular shape. These two types of sushi are unbelievable, and the combination of flavors and the ingredients used make for an awesome eating experience that’ll surely make sushi one of your favorite food baes.

4 – Chinese Food

Sticking to an asian theme for the moment, Chinese food is definitely food bae material; it’s delicious, has tons of flavor and variety, and there’s always left overs, which are always straight fire. Chinese food, or at least the Chinese food we are exposed to here in the States, is going to be good, pretty much regardless of where you go.

When you’re tired of cooking, want to spend some racks, or just need some deliciousness in your belly ASAP, call up a Chinese restaurant near you. You’ll have a fire-emoji-eliciting experience, and the best thing is, you’ll have leftovers (if you don’t have leftovers, you didn’t order right)!

Beef/Chicken Chow Mein, Teriyaki anything, sweet and sour pork, rice (sticky or fried), pot stickers, egg rolls, fortune cookies, it’s all bae material. You don’t even need a bae to enjoy Chinese food; Chinese food is bae.

5 – Spaghetti

Spaghetti is one of the go-to food baes out there, and moms (and some dads) everywhere are making simple yet tasty spaghetti for their families. Spaghetti is bae not just for how it tastes, but for what it means; spaghetti means everything is alright- it’s the hug you need from mom every now and then, only in food form.

Spaghetti is easy for anyone to make, and provides more than one meal, which makes it even more bae: it’s there whenever you need it. Paired with a salad and even some garlic bread, and you’ve got a prime meal, my friend.

If you’ve got a bae, they’d love it if you made them some spaghetti that you can enjoy together; be bae for bae and make bae some bae food.

6 – Bacon

Bacon, or “baecon” as some may refer to it, is absolutely one of the bae-est foods out there; it tastes like bae, smells like bae, and it’s easy to cook up, providing further proof as to how bae bacon is. Eat it alone, make a BLT, throw it on a burger or sandwich, and you’ve got yourself a bae meal.

Bacon is intensely satisfying, and it’s hard not to make more bacon when you’ve already engulfed the first batch (in an impressively short amount of time, may I add). Unlike with Chinese food or spaghetti, there should not be one scrap of bacon left when you’re done with it.

If bacon is to truly be your bae, you’ll treat it with the respect it deserves and shove it down your throat. The only bad thing about bacon is that is rather unhealthy, so indulge yourself moderately, unless your life goal is to die of a massive heart attack at 32.

7 – Cookies

The seventh bae food may seem like the least important, but here, last does not mean least; cookies are one of the bae-est foods out there. Delicious, round, and conveniently small (or unmanageably large), cookies are a snack staple, and always will be.

There are seemingly limitless amounts of types of cookies, with flavors that awe and inspire, and they can even come in different shapes! If you hate circles, you can make cookies into any shape you can imagine- even Santa Claus (if that’s not gangster, then I don’t know what is).

If you’re single and need some stress relief or just want to have a moment that you can enjoy, grab a slice, a burrito, slice up some sushi, or whatever food it is that you love; if it makes you feel good, that food is bae.

You don’t have to have a real bae to enjoy your life and appreciate what’s around you- just grab a slice and let the world fly through the cosmos. Enjoy life, enjoy people, enjoy food, enjoy the ride.