10 Texts You Never Want to See From BAE

1 “Who is she/he?”

If bae texts you this, you’re in trouble, unless that pic you posted on Instagram earlier is with your cousin, and not a side piece. Bae thinks you’ve done something behind their back, and they’re not too pleased.

When you’ve got a bae, you need to clear all friendly activity with them first; what I mean is that if you’re going to hangout with someone of the opposite sex, let bae know that you’re not cheating on them or doing anything slimey. They have a right to be suspicious, but if you make it clear that it’s platonic, bae should be just fine with you hanging out with your friends.

2 “Where are you?!?”

Uh oh, you’re supposed to be somewhere but completely forgot, and bae is pissed. Were you supposed to pick them up somewhere, or meet them somewhere, or… what?

That’s for you to remember, and you failed. If bae isn’t just asking for an ETA (estimated time of arrival), they’re wondering why the hell you totally bailed on them at the big event!

You’re going to need the greatest excuse ever to right things with bae; let’s just hope you didn’t forget an anniversary.

3 “K.”

Yeah, things are not “k”. Things couldn’t be further from “k” when you get that text from bae.

You may think everything is fine, but it’s actually the exact opposite. If you texted bae something and they respond with “k”, it’s code red: serious and swift action is needed to fix things with bae.

If you asked bae permission to do something and they respond with “k”, DO NOT do whatever it was you wanted to do. If you want bae to remain your bae, you better call them or let them know that you’ve changed your mind, and you cannot stop until they make it clear that things actually are “k”.

“K” doesn’t mean “k” unless things are actually “k”. K?

4 “We need to talk…”

You never want this text from bae; they’re not interested in making conversation, but rather they want to break things off and potentially be bae for someone else. This text can only bring bad news.

Whether they want to end the relationship, take a break, or want to confess to cheating, the “we need to talk” text is never a text you want to receive.

Heck, when anyone texts you that, it’s usually a precursor to bad news.


If bae sends you the red, angry emoji, things are not going well between you two. You need to do whatever it takes to get back in their good graces, and pronto!

The number of angry emojis used correlates directly with their level of anger or displeasure; one angry emoji, and a kiss face emoji from you can help right the ship, but with every extra emoji added, it takes a significant amount of extra effort to make bae happy again. If you get more than three angry emojis in one text, it’s appropriate to push the panic button.


Yeah, that can’t be good. The Hand of Denial, The Palm of GTFOH, whatever you want to call it, when bae texts you this emoji, they’ve had just about enough with you.

This text is a warning saying if you go any further with what you’re doing, things are gonna get nasty, and bae can get nasty . You’ve crossed a line or are getting close to it, and bae wants to keep you from embarrassing yourself.

How should you respond to such a text? You stop.


Similar to the last text, the crossed-arms emoji is never a good sign. Bae has just about had it with you, and basically wants you to go die in a disease-ridden hell hole.

Bae is seriously considering being someone else’s bae, so you better do something that’ll elicit a heart face emoji, asap.


This emoji is basically saying “Bye bish!!”, and you have every reason to get into panic mode. Bae isn’t very pleased with you if you get the hand wave emoji.

The wavy hand emoji is bae’s way of saying that you need to go f&*# yourself, and isn’t a big fan of being your bae. You need to keep bae happy, when you get the wavy hand, things are not going well.


The knife emoji is bae’s way of telling you that they hate you and you suck; if they could, bae would like to get a bit stabby. Bae is considering about cutting you off, and that huge knife makes that point rather clear.


Ah, the good old middle finger; while rather explanatory, bae hates you when you get this text, and you’re going to have to make some serious moves in order to calm them down. You better head over to their place with some flowers and wine or burgers and beer/weed; whatever you did (or didn’t do) did not go well with bae.

Over the course of your time with bae, you’ll send thousands of texts, and most of them will be generally good, but there are going to be some texts that you never want to receive, ten of which are listed above. Bae needs to be kept happy, and if you fail to do so, you will reap the consequences.