About Us


Hello, and welcome to all that came across my blog! My name is Lilly and I live in Manhatten Beach, CA. I absolutely love my Yorkie named Georgie. He goes everywhere with me; my boss even lets me bring him to work! He’s super quiet and not disruptive whatsoever and he just sits in my lap the whole day or under my desk on his bed that I leave at work every day. If you don’t have a dog, I suggest getting one because they can brighten up even the worst days!

I’ve¬†always been very passionate about being healthy in my life, and it’s one of my life goals to raise awareness about healthy foods in the US and the ones you should completely stay away from. Our food system in the US is unimaginable compared to the rest of the world, and it’s very sad because so many parents think they are feeding their children normal deli meat, but in reality, they are feeding their children straight carcinogens. It’s so important that we stand together to make the food system in the US healthier, and stop the obesity epidemic once and for all! Healthy Kids forever!